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Part-Time Data Entry Operator Jobs Working At Home

$25-$50 per hour | Online/Remote Position | Flexible

We need a conscientious work from home Data Entry Operator to compile, capture, and maintain our digital database. As a professional data entry operator, you will be required to compile, merge, and format documents for data entry, check documents for errors, input data and update the database, and manage digital filing systems.

Online Data Entry Jobs Operator Job Role: You must have excellent typing skills and be detail-oriented to be a successful data entry operator. Skilled data entry operators should be able to quickly identify data errors and work precisely.

Online Data Entry Operator Job Responsibilities:

  • Documents, materials, and information are collected, compiled, and organized in preparation for data entry.
  • Researching to locate missing documents and materials.
  • I am making digital copies of paper or voice recordings.
  • Examining and reporting any errors or inconsistencies in all documents and information to the supervisor.
  • Regular backups and data capture into digital databases.
  • Databases, archives, and filing systems must all be updated and maintained regularly.
  • Monitoring and reviewing databases, as well as error and inconsistency correction.
  • Generate and export data reports, spreadsheets, and documents as needed.
  • Clerical duties include filing, inventory control, scanning, and printing.

Remote Data-Entry Jobs Operator Requirements: 

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Excellent typing abilities.
  • Excellent time management and multitasking abilities.
  • Data capture and office management software such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite are required.
  • The ability to manage and process large amounts of data accurately.
  • Excellent database knowledge, as well as digital and paper filing systems.
  • Knowledge of administrative and clerical operations
  • It is necessary to have a keen eye for detail as well as the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

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• Please note that this role is a work from home data entry job in United States, data entry operator jobs in Canada, and an online data entry remote jobs in the United Kingdom and we can only consider applications from our hireable states: Georgia, Texas, Florida or Tennessee.

Hours per week: 5 - 40 hours a week

Location: We are hiring candidates for remote data entry work from home jobs positions and preferred remote jobs locations in the United States, Canada & United Kingdom. 

Feel free to apply because no experience is required for this entry level data entry jobs position and anyone can apply for this easy remote jobs hiring now posItion. 

Part-Time Data Entry Jobs Near Me Location:

  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near Illinois.
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near Tennessee.
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near Alabama.
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near Albuquerque, NM.
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near New Mexico.
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near Los Angeles.
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home New York, NY.
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near Greenwood, IN
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near Indianapolis, IN.
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near Lowa.
  • Part-Time data entry jobs operator at home near Des Moines, IA.

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